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With the impending budget for citizens of the UK only a few weeks away, there is already a buzz going around that the Chancellor will be squeezing UK consumers even tighter.  There is talk of a proposed scrape of additional duty on diesel, which seems to be “heading south for the winter”.  Consumers will be


Help With Plumbing Problems

With the economy the way it is at the moment, more and more people are now turning to DIY.  This is why at Platinum, we are committed to helping people who do not have a clue as to what to do or for those who have started but have become stuck. If you have any


Ignoring a Leak Could Be Costly

With all the cost cutting measure around and the constant budgeting of everyday expenses, fixing a small leak is something that most of us ignore if we are honest to ourselves as human natures suggests it can wait. You may think that there are enough stresses out there and a small leak is not as



  One would hope that our economy would settle down and home owners who have put off doing any remodelling are now thinking about it.  The two most important areas of any home are the bathroom and kitchen.  After all, these two areas are usually the selling point that most people go for when making


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