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Change To Gas Safe Regulations as of April 1, 2012

As of April 1, 2012, new regulations are being implemented with regards to safety checks on all appliances that uses gas.  All gas safe engineers who will be fitting, servicing, working on or repairing  gas boilers and water heaters, must be qualified in the use of a flue gas analyser.  The qualification required is called CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysis 1).  By  having this qualification, this means that the engineer has successfully received the necessary training and assessment in the use of flue gas analysation equipment.

If a registered engineer does not hold a valid CPA1 certificate, they will have their work categories suspended by Gas Safe Register until they obtain their CPA1.  Should an engineer not have this CPA1 qualification, they will not be legally able to work with central heating boilers or any other gas related appliances full stop.  This means no repairs, services or installation of any gas appliance using a flue.  Obviously this is not required on gas hobs because they are non-flue appliance but is required on gas cookers.

If you are unsure as to whether the engineer is qualified to carry out the work and has the required CPA1 qualification, you can visit the Gas Safe website to check.

All our engineers at Platinum, have the required CPA1 qualification in readiness for the change.

For qualified and competent London gas safe engineers, contact us at Platinum Emergency Services.



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  1. Eddier Bennett

    What is the current regulations in a kitchen when fitting a gas hob.
    Safety distances etc

    • Thank you for your question, please be aware in order to fit a gas hob or work on any gas appliance you must be a gas safe registered engineer.

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